Cartoon #11

My friend and fellow cartoonist David Boxerman and I created the weekly cartoon panel “The New Epicureans.” I did all the drawing and we shared the gag writing. David had the much harder task of marketing our cartoons. Here’s the first cartoon in the series, even before any of them were published. It was one of the cartoons we used to sell the panel to editors. When the San Jose Mercury News picked up the panel, where it eventually ran for five years, the editor we worked with thought I needed to give the characters “nose jobs” because their audience was more sophisticated. About three years into the panel, we ran a caption contest. The newspaper received more than 500 entries, as I recall. After viewing the caption entries, the editor told us he was wrong about his readership and we could go back to usingĀ the big nose look. We didn’t. The below example was one of the few in the series to use the big nose style. I’ll share more cartoons from The New Epicureans in future blog posts.



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