Give that Cartoon a Nose Job

In 1983, friend and fellow cartoonist David Boxerman and I started a weekly cartoon panel. We both worked on the gags and I did all of the drawing. The panel was titled “The New Epicureans” and was targeted for food sections of newspapers. The San Jose Mercury New subscribed to the panel from the get-go. A month after launching the panel, the food editor asked me to reduce the noses on the drawings, because, as he said, their audience was sophisticated.  Three years later, we ran a caption contest and received more than 500 entries.  After reading most of the entries, the food editor called and told us we could make the noses bigger again.  His audience wasn’t as sophisticated as he had thought. Below are three examples. One is how I prefer to draw, relying on goofy-looking characters. The other two are examples of a cartoon in which I reduced the noses a tad at first and then reduced them even more.





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