Dumpster Diving in Storage Boxes, Scene 1

I took time out this morning from my regular job of wearing a spandex bodysuit, fighting comic book villains named after Welsh towns and making the world safe for pinot gris. Instead of the usual BLAM-BONK-KAPOW, I decided to clean up my office. Never a good idea. Among the dust and detritus, however, I found a few old cartoons of mine, in a format commonly known as tear sheets.

The first one I’m posting today is a cartoon I created on a Macintosh computer, back in the day. Not many cartoonists were using Macs to create their gag cartoons, back in the day. This was before the availability of a stylus pen, which is why I like to say it was back in the day; I drew the cartoons in a software package called SuperPaint and used a semi-responsive mouse. Truth be told, it was like drawing with a bar of soap. The below cartoon was published on the cover of a national Macintosh magazine… Mac_Clothes The second one I’m posting today is a cartoon I created for a technical writing journal. I worked as a tech writer for several years and then a documentation manager, before crossing over to the dark side of marketing (bahahaha!)… MuseofTechWriting For the life of me or someone else, I can’t recall where this third cartoon I’m posting today was published. I wanted to include it because the gag is a wretched pun and the chimp looks like he’s just finished his seventh cup of strong coffee–either that or he is struggling to remember his password… Micro


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