Other Shameless Plugs

Friends with Books

Talented friends with their own published books.

There is no shame in recommending the below talented writers. In fact, I feel fortunate to know them all personally. That doesn’t mean I’m co-signing loans for any of them any time soon (not with my credit rating). What I am doing, however, is listing a link to one of their books. Please click on an author’s name for details, and prepare to be impressed by their work.  I know I am.

Author Roll (music, please):

Alice Denham (Sleeping with Bad Boys)

Arlene Krasner (Kosher Sutra)

Cynthia Whitcomb (The Writer’s Guide to Writing Your Screenplay)

George Whiteman (The Perennial Freshman)

Jan Baross (Ms. Baross Goes to Mexico: San Miguel de Allende)

Kathleen Gerard (In Transit)

Lars Hedbor (The Prize: Tales from a Revolution – Vermont)

Lynda Schor (Sexual Harassment Rules)

Marc Acito (How I Paid for College: A Novel of Sex, Theft, Friendship & Musical Theater)

Marjorie Belson (Nothing is Promised)

Michael Gottlieb (The Fourth Wall)

Michael Hager (Just Beyone the Edge)

Molly Best Tinsley (Entering the Blue Stone)

Ray Rhamey (The Vampire Kitty-Cat Chronicles)

Sher Davidson (Under the Salvadoran Sun)

Susan Page (If I’m So Wonderful, Why Am I Still Single?)


The San Miguel Writers’ Conference. It is known as “The Creative Crossroads of the Americas,” and is now the largest international, fully bilingual event of its kind in all of the Americas.





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